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Eastern Cape Passes Tour – April / May 2017

Eastern Cape Passes Tour.

An extra long weekend at the end of April was the ideal time for tour to the Eastern Cape mountain passes and even sneak in a whirlwind trip through the ‘World Heritage Baviaanskloof National Park.

Poorly maintained (that’s good for adventure biking) mountain passes abound in the area between the Western Cape and Lesotho and make for some of the best biking on the planet. Names like Volunteershoek, Carlisleshoek Pass, Michel’s Pass, Katberg, Devil’s Bellows, Otto Du Plessis and Bastervoedpad (Bastard’s foot path) were all part of 5 awesome days riding.  Mild winter weather, great food, a great selection of guest houses and 8 great guys as my guests made for a tour to remember and a route we’ll add to our selection in future.



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3 Responses to Eastern Cape Passes Tour – April / May 2017

  1. Frik says:

    Is there tour planned for 2018 and what is the price?

    • WildWood says:

      Hi Frik.

      Yes there is a planned Eastern Cape Mountain Passes Tour planned for 2018, from 27 April to 01 May (long weekend).

      We’ll only start advertising early 2018 and take the first 8 entries.


    • WildWood says:

      Hi Frik,

      You enquired about the Eastern Cape Passes tour a couple of months ago.

      For 2018 it will happen from April 27 to 1 May.

      Cost of R5750.00

      Regards, John from WildWood Motorcycle Tours

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