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KAOKOLAND ODYSSEY TOUR 2023 – MAY 14-24 (new route)

The legendary WildWood adventure through the Kaokoland and Damaraland regions of Northern Namibia.

For 2023 we have an exciting new route as well as the starting and ending point changing from Windhoek to the beautiful coastal city of Swakopmund. 10 Days of riding through Africa’s last unspoiled paradise on a motorcycle.

North west Namibia offers the ultimate biking adventure. An unlimited network of riding tracks including rocky mountain paths, desert plains, navigable dry river beds, beach riding and more. Simply the best off-road adventure motorcycling on the planet. Our recommended rental motorcycle for this tour is the Suzuki DRZ400 (ideal for the rough terrain and slow speeds).

Large tracts of the area is an unfenced nature park with free roaming herds of antelope including desert elephants, giraffe, oryx and even rhino.

Throughout Kaokoland we meet the Himba tribe, the semi-nomad goat herders living a simple existence seemingly untouched by the modern world. We’ll also meet the Damara (Damaraland) and Herero people. Each with their unique cultures and appearance effortlessly living side by side.

Much of the tour is through extremely remote wilderness with no development or infrastructure. No formal roads, electricity or fuel available. We carry all we need for the most remote sections in the support vehicle(s) including food and fuel.

Accommodation for the tour is a mix of camping (5 nights) and stunning remote lodges (4 nights) + the first and last nights in a luxury guesthouse in Swakopmund. (Camping equipment /tents etc supplied by WldWood)

We take a maximum of 6 rider guests, guided by owner John throughout the tour. The support 4×4 van & trailer carries all the gear and where possible meets throughout the tour to provide support, cold drinks and lunches in remote areas.

There is an emergency air rescue service available in the unlikelihood of serious injury and John is a trained first aider for minor issues.

Although we’d like to take everyone along the tour is only suitable for riders with a reasonable level of fitness and some experience riding sandy and rocky terrain.
Although the tour is run in the winter months expect daily temperatures in the high 20 degrees Celsius (above 80 degrees Farenheid) and almost no chance of rain.


Tour price including all fuel / 11 nights b&b / 10 day motorcycle rental ZAR64,000 (aprox $3700, €3500, £3000)

Tour price including all fuel / 11 nights b&b ZAR46,000 (aprox. $2650, €2500, £2150)

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  1. Roger Ireland says:

    Hi are you allowed to ride your own bike? I have a 2021 Husky 350 .
    Is the cost R46 000 if you supply you own bike ?

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