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Swartberg Wild Ride – 16-18 December

October 25, 2016 Comments (1) Uncategorized

October Hopper Tour – Garden Route & Little Karoo

Our Hopper Tour, 7 awesome riding days in the beautiful Western Cape with an endless choice of tracks to suit everybody from hardcore enduro riders to relaxed scenic back roads. The Cape is spoiled for choice with superb local restaurants and guest houses, postcard views at every turn and all year round biking weather. Let the pictures of our October tour tell the story. Our 4 guests from Netherlands (x2), Canada and France had initially requested a tar only tour but as we went on they requested more of the less travelled gravel backroads and anybody that knows WildWood will know I’m always willing to share our secret gems.

Great to receive a message from one of the group today. Thank you,  Sylvain.

Good day

Now that I’m back in Canada whit a few flakes of snow that fell yesterday to welcome me back. I would like to take this occasion to thank you for the route files but mostly to thank you for the wonderful tour you organise for us. I was impress by the quality of the organisation at all level. The route was spectacular, the accommodation first class and activity were also excellent. The time went by too fast and the returned to reality here just make me want to go back. There were no bad side to this tour even the dead battery just made an interesting footnote as you were well prepare with jumper cables. And that first day on the KTM made a converted out of me.

I would and will recommend you to friends and others when the occasion arise. If I get the chance I would go back, probably the same felling for the rest of the group. And I think the size of the group was just perfect and the level of ridership was also very good. That must be hard to judge when stranger are booking, but this time it work great.

Again best wish for the future and hope to meet again, that goes for all.

Sylvain Brazeau


And from Nico,

Hi John,

I got home as planned, no delays this time on the flight. Thank you very much for great trip we made. For me one of the bike tours that I will remember and would have missed. You had this very well organised and I have appreciated your experience both in riding and the local knowledge that made this trip so much more then just a ride which I can highly recommend to other bikers. Thank you for the GPS track which I will load into my basecamp directory.
After we sort our the pictures and films we will get them in the dropbox and send you the invitation so that you can load your picture as well.

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  1. Hi John: This is not a booking. We saw one another in ?Oct: you sent me an e mail: but since Oct {actually before that] I have been horrendously ill. Then computer + back up crashed the very same second. Long story, so much lost, incl @s, including yours: i had wanted to reply to your mail, but you were gone. + just on a few minutes ago I was cleaning up my laptop + found your mail there [but minus e mail address]. I believe you sent your message from a personal: if so, will you send me it again so that I can reply. Bets wishes. Hennie Boshoff, Villa Kruger, Prince Albert.

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