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Orange River Wild Ride – August 2016 (Extreme series)

thumb_20120920_165307_1024 thumb_20120920_183032_1024 thumb_20120920_214812_1024 thumb_20120920_183003_1024 thumb_20120922_224305_1024 thumb_20120921_172805_1024The harsh desert landscape of the Northern Cape makes the ideal playground for the adventure rider looking for a challenging tough challenge. Winter daytime  temperatures in the high twenties (degrees c) along with virtually no chance of any rain makes this the perfect time of year to visit the area. Eight brave explorers joined the WildWood team in the tiny hamlet of van Rhynsdorp early Saturday morning and set off north towards the Namibian border and the Orange River.

Each of the four days of this tour have an unique feel, testing different skills and providing new challenges. This tour is sadly for experienced off-road riders only and will test the skills and endurance to the limits.

The first day begins with a long liaison through the dry flatlands on bumpy desert roads until we reach the Orange River and spend the last hour or two on the sand and rocky 4×4 tracks around the village of Pella. The second day we follow the river along sandy tracks to the overnight 200km away at Vioolsdrift, the border post to Namibia. Short rocky passes join the river tracks and make for some great technical riding. The third day is the toughest stage that begins in the Richtersveld National Park on a route that alternates between  hectic course sand riverbed and short sharp rock strewn climbs. Finally flowing jeep track down to the coast at Hondeklipbay  with a nasty loose rocky decent and climb in the middle to keep us on our toes. Day four we ride south along the meandering thick sandy coast tracks for 200km before the short tar road back to our starting point.    thumb_IMG_0462_1024 thumb_IMG_0427_1024 thumb_IMG_0390_1024thumb_IMG_0371_1024thumb_IMG_0319_1024thumb_IMG_0363_1024 thumb_IMG_0237_1024thumb_IMG_0353_1024thumb_IMG_0315_1024thumb_image001_1024thumb_13934879_10210392457227702_4334478432111068244_n_1024 thumb_13892176_10210382336894700_4710800847861375466_n_1024 thumb_13886859_10210392457467708_9023197031707278679_n_1024 thumb_IMG_0481_1024thumb_unspecified_1024 4thumb_Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.59.13 PM_1024


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