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Rallye Shakedown Done and Dusted

August 1st and 2nd rallye shakedown is done and dusted. Six entrants into the 2015 Amageza Rallye joined WildWood to be put through their paces before the event on 29 August. Their road book reading skills were tested in a grueling two day rallye test as well as the high tech equipment they race on. The last group made it to the overnight after midnight on day one , having gotten lost in deserts of the Northern Cape but they learned some hard lessons which showed on day two when they successfully navigated the tricky route through the Richtersveld.

The tough sandy and rocky terrain took its toll on the bikes, especially the navigation towers and riders will have to strengthen and re-engineer their set-ups before the arduous seven day rallye.

Good luck to everyone for the Amageza Rallye 201511838919_10205965522871725_6269491428991361431_o 11816117_10205965531031929_8846035160219583454_o DSC01201 DSC01199 DSC01198 DSC01196 DSC01195

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