An epic exploration of the Transkei Wild Coast, Lesotho mountain kingdom and the high off-road passes of the Eastern Cape Drakensberg. Three bucket list destinations in one epic package.

10 Ride=ing days + a bonus rest day at a beautiful lodge high in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho.

Tour description:

Your journey begins and ends at the Kei River mouth on the rugged Wild Caost. We’ll ride up this pristine coastline before crossing the rolling Transkei hills and entering Lesotho via the legendary Sani Pass. And exiting Lesotho we head to the Southern Drakensberg and the magnificent high off-road mountain passes, before returning to the Wild Coast.


This tour has everything for the seasoned adventure motorcycle tourer. The most beautiful scenery and vistas of Southern Africa, amazing lodges and guesthouses and the finest trails and adventure roads.

No wonder we consider it the ‘most beautiful motorcycle ride in Africa’.

Highlights include:

  • Stunning Wild Coast, including Morgan Bay, Mboyti and Coffee Bay
  • Great lodges like Semonkong, Kob Inn and Morgan Bay Hotel
  • Maluti Mountains
  • Drakensberg Mountains
  • Sani Pass and many more stunning Lesotho passes
  • Ben 10 Challenge off-road passes of the Drakensberg Mountains
  • Maletsunyane Falls (Lesotho)
  • Magwa Falls (Wild Coast)
  • Varied riding and awesome tracks

Like most of our WildWood tours the routes are a little tougher than your average adventure tour and we recommend some off-road riding experience for this one. But wow, the remote areas and mind-blowing vistas are great reward for the tougher terrain. And our fleet of rental KTM690 Enduro R motorcycles are perfectly suited to the chosen routes.

Tour package:

12 nights nights bed and breakfast in wonderful guesthouses / lodges / hotels.

Package options with or without motorcycle rental.

Group size of 6 riders .

Package includes a support vehicle and trailer. All your gear , extra fuel, first aid and basic bike spares are carried in the van.

Tour Duration:

11 days / 12 nights

Total Distance:

1950 km

Min Group Size:

4 -Riders

Suitable with Passengers:

not recommended

Price including rental bike (from):

Price from ZAR66,000

Price excluding rental bike (from):

Price from ZAR48,000

Recommended Bike:

KTM 690R Enduro,  

Magwa Fall, Wild Coast

Port St John’s

Semena River, Lesotho

Traditional Lesotho (Basotho) dwelling

Transkei Wild. Coast Nguni cattle

Mzimvubu River, Port St John’s

Wild Coast cattle tracks – awesome riding tracks

Wild Coast cattle tracks – awesome riding tracks

Sani Lodge – Highest pub in Africa

Qolora River, Wild Coast

Lundeans Nek Pass – Eastern Cape Drakensberg

Wild Coast tracks

Wild Coast tracks

Wild Coast tracks

Wild Coast tracks

Kob Inn – Wild Coast

Hole in the Wall – Wild Coast

Hole in the Wall – Wild Coast

Sani Pass – Lesotho / South Africa border

Wild Coast tracks

Coffee Bay – Transkei Wild Coast

Katse Dam – Lesotho

Katse Dam – Lesotho

Mbashe River – Wild Coast

Kob Inn – Wild Coast

Qora. River – Wild Caost

Lesotho mountain roads

Approaching Kob Inn – Wild Coast