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Orange River Wild Ride – August 2020

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Transkei Wild Ride

Wild Coast, Eastern Cape – South Africa

This is an ADVENTURE BIKE TOUR with the 690/701/500 cc bikes in mind. Only very good riders on the bigger twins will be able to ride the route .Tour price: Including rental KTM690 Enduro R is ZAR17500 and excluding rental bike ZAR11100 (Included in the tour:– Rental KTM690 Enduro R (excludes ZAR20000 refundable accident damage deposit)– Accommodation:  East London (bed only), Mboyti (dinner, bed & breakfast), Hole in the Wall (bed & breakfast), Kob In (dinner, bed & breakfast) and East London ( bed & breakfast)– Support van  and trailer carrying all your gear, snacks, tools,  spares, fuel when needed)Ride details:– Starts and ends in East London (regular daily flights to and from major SA airports)– We meet at the guesthouse in East London for dinner on the evening of the 23rd.– Day 1 is a the liaison stage with 350km of easy riding up to Mboyti (up the coast from Port St Johns). Highlight is a visit to Magwa Falls.– Day 2 the ride heads down the coast to Coffee Bay and on to Hole In The Wall on remote roads and the hilly cattle tracks the Transkei is famed for.– Day 3 Hole in the Wall to Kob In on technical tracks and coastal cliffs. All those pics you see of Transkei riding through remote villages are here, only they’re better than the pictures look.– Day 4 From Kob In we ride rugged valleys on cattle tracks and many river crossings on route to the Kei ferry crossing to Morgan Bay and back to East London .– Depart Monday.

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