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April 2022 tour report

Finally the Covid 19 misery let off and we could run our first Wild Coast / Lesotho / Southern Drakensberg Wild Tour.

  • Three years after WildWood had done the final recce for our new super tour we got out there, and wow what a fantastic event it turned out to be.
  • 11 days on the road, starting an ending Near East London , the sleepy city on the east coast of South Africa.
  • This event is now firmly entrenched on our calendar and likely to be become South Africa’s flagship adventure motorcycle tour offering. It has it all. A broad mix of terrain, elevation from sea level to 3500 meters up in the Lesotho mountains, awesome mix of trails from coastal cattle tracks, gnarly Lesotho mountain roads as well as the legendary high gravel passes of the Eastern Cape (Ben10 Challenge). Every one of the 11 days on the road had us marvelling at the natural beauty of the region. Giant waterfalls, the majestic Maluti and Drakensberg Mountains, Coastal cliffs, lush Wild Coast / Transkei valleys and pristine mountain rivers.
  • Accommodation was a variety of stunning guest houses and country lodges with wonderful food and always a cosy pub.

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