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NORTHER NAMIBIA / KAOKOLAND April 2017 – Trip report

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Cederberg Two Days with Alan Starke

To finally say goodbye to 2016 WildWood invited his trusty wingman Al to join him for two days in one of our favorite riding playgrounds, The Cederberg Conservancy.  Not much over an hour beyond the city limits of Cape Town lies this vast wilderness with its network of bike friendly tracks, rocky climbs and sublime scenery. We managed to explore a couple of new trails to add to the Wildwood bow, enjoy our regular tracks , visit some spectacular bushman art sites and even lunch under a shady tree with two of the many wild donkeys.


Contact WildWood to join us for some awesome riding in the Cederberg an neighboring Tankwa Karoo wilderness areas, truly soul riding.mg+KBoGoSbycJHpPl+earQ_thumb_453c t7EmWNNVS5S33yQHZGXSog_thumb_4538 Sd2eBED2SWOmsljhoNuZwQ_thumb_456b jzJ7G9bIR1egJbbhJ63jUQ_thumb_453f VAk1VIJWTc+0GllvJsnKyA_thumb_458f 3ILb1OXwTkuwqb+K7FERIQ_thumb_4582 1TgeuGagS1uz4nVZN1umfQ_thumb_455e CuTFDLeVQwS9lTXUA4LIJA_thumb_4552 dXqj59NnT36tGtnCn1oGgQ_thumb_4580

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