February 13, 2020 Comments (0) Wild Coast / Lesotho / Eastern Cape

Lesotho / Transkei Wild Coast

Our new Frontier.

Lesotho / Transkei Wild Coast is our WildWood's next exciting destination. We've been secretly riding routes and planning our first big tour in the region. - WATCH THIS SPACE. The pics tell the visual story of the magnificent scenery and awesome and virtually unlimited riding tracks . What is not shown is the relaxed feel of the region, the smells and the light. The local people, mostly simple subsistence farming folk are warm and hospitable, waving and greeting at every turn. )Perhaps something to do with the fact that it is one of biggest marijuana growing areas on the planet.) WildWood Motorcycle Tours have put together an 11 day adventure tour starting an ending in the Coastal City of East London that will include Transkei Wild Coast, The Mountain kingdom of Lesotho and the high mountain tracks of the Eastern Cape. Home of the famous Ben 10 mountain challenge. Tour names being considered are Coast 2 Crest, Sea 2 Sky etc.

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