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WildWood Kaokoland Tours for 2018

Kaokoland, the remote north western region of Namibia is the premier tour for WildWood Motorcycle Tours.


It is without doubt the number one adventure motorcycle tour destination in Africa, if not the world!  A vast continuously changing wilderness accessed by a limited network of  tar roads, gravel tracks and sometimes only sandy river beds. The local Ovahimba tribe are the custodians of this land, maintaining their simple nomadic existence herding cattle and goats in the grasslands and mountains of this beautiful  region. Namibia is one of least populated countries in the world , although no mater how remote the area you’re likely to find a welcoming face. Wild game are found throughout Kaokoland, and it is not unusual to travel amongst herds of the famous dessert elephant, giraffe as well as herds of large and small antelope , jackals, crocodile, hippo’s, and even cats like leopards, lynx and lion.


Kaokoland has all this as well as being a safe travel environment. The friendliness and welcoming feelings are palpable the moment you step off the plane, from both the local people (of which Namibia has 13 ethnic groups) and police and officials.


Our standard Kaokoland Odyssey Tour is eleven days from Windhoek and back to Windhoek, including a rest day at the german influenced coastal town of Swakopmund. We offer a mix of comfortable bed and bed accommodation, dessert resorts as well as at least four nights in tented camps in truly remote areas. Our support / backup 4×4 vehicle and trailer carry our kit, fuel and food as well as providing repair assistance for the bikes. We will gladly put together a bespoke tour for  groups of between three and eight riders as well provide for family / friends wanting to accompany in a 4×4 vehicle. Alternative options of as few as eight days are available without losing the essence of the full tour. We can also put together easier routes for the bigger adventure bikes and less experienced riders, but this would have to be a group booking.


WildWood has a fleet of low milage KTM690R and Husqvarna 701 bikes available as rentals but will gladly transport your own bike to Windhoek from Cape Town, South Africa. Although we’ve had a few extremely competent riders join our tours on the larger ‘big twin’ adventure bikes we recommend the smaller more nimble steeds to enjoy the rough and sandy conditions. The standard Kaokoland Odyssey is for experienced riders ONLY , with some off-road and sand riding skills essential.


Dessert trails, river beds, magnificent dunes, open beaches, rich canyons and so much more. This is KAOKOLAND!

See our website, view us on Facebook or send an email to john@wildwood.capetown for information on upcoming  Kaokoland Odyssey as well other tours.


First tour for 2018 – May 7-17

I was fortunate enough to be one of a group of kiwi riders to ride the Kaokoland Odessey in Northern Namibia. It was the best thing I have ever done, and I have riden and raced dirt bikes for 40yrs. To go to places I have only ever seen the likes of in National Geographic publications, was a real privilege. The people were friendly, the wildlife was fantastic, and so much better because they lived in the wild and not in a park. The camp sites and lodges were amazing! The bikes were in new condition and great fun to ride. Being able to ride in this wonderful country without the restrictions of carrying all the usual necessities associated with camping and the like, was an added bonus. John was a great guide, he was a skilled rider, knew how to handle people in authority, and had a decent knowledge of the land and its inhabitants. I’ll never forget my time in Namibia.
If you have ever contemplated riding the Kaokoland Odyssey…….do it now!




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