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  1. What’s included in the tour price?

    Please check the web pages of individual tours, however we normally include the following: Fully prepared bike of your choice (subject to availability) . Motorcycle insurance. Breakfasts, some lunches and some evening meals where indicated. Tour guide on a motorcycle. support vehicle and driver.

  2. What’s not included in the tour price?

    Flights and airport taxes. Visas. Entrance to historic sites. Lunches and dinners where indicated. Alcohol. Personal travel insurance. Additional activities such as zip line rides.

  3. What distance do we ride each day?

    Generally on tours we ride around 250km’s each day but this can vary according to the itinerary.

  4. How difficult are the routes?

    Each tour has an indicator of the level of difficulty, however most of our routes can be ridden by a competent experienced motorcyclists . However some of our more extreme tours require good off road riding skills (well noted on tour package )

  5. How much experience do I need?

    Our tours are for competent motorcycle riders of intermediate or higher level. They are not suitable for novice riders.

  6. How many are there on each tour?

    We limit the number of guest bikes to 8 on each tour. ( less on extreme tours)

  7. What is the average age of the riders?

    We open our tours to all riders over 21 years of age, however the age range tends to be between 30 and 70.

  8. Do you do rental only?

    No, unfortunately not.

  9. Do you offer training?

    Our guides are skilled in Advanced Motorcycle Riding and we can offer training by arrangement.

  10. What documentation do I need?

    You need a passport

  11. Do I need a visa?

    Visitors from some countries need no visa at all, others require a tourist visa. If you are not sure you should check with your local consulate, travel agent – most information is available on the internet.

  12. What type of accommodation do you offer?

    All of our accommodation is in high quality, 3 & 4 star guesthouses and lodges.

  13. What about clothing?

    On the bike: A motorcycle helmet must be worn whilst riding. We also insist on proper protective motorcycle jackets, trousers, boots and gloves. For the hot summer months an airflow style jacket is more comfortable and winter months an inner fleece style body warmer is recommended under your jacket.

    Off the bike: All destinations are very informal and casual wear is all you will need for evenings and non-riding days. You will need a lot less than you think so we recommend you pack very lightly.

  14. Is the water OK to drink?

    The water is safe to drink in most places in South Africa, however everywhere we travel bottled water is in abundant supply.

  15. What about medical support?

    You should bring any prescription medicines with you, however there are pharmacies near to most places we visit. Our guides are all trained in first-aid.

  16. Is there an emergency contact number for me to give out?

    We will provide you with an emergency number on which you can be reached whilst on your tour.

  17. Is there internet / email access en-route?

    There is generally internet/email access in all towns around South Africa but some of tours are into remote outback areas with little or no coverage . We do always have a satellite phone for emergencies when out of range.

  18. Do I need insurance?

    The motorcycles all carry obligatory traffic insurance. There is an excess which has to be deposited for each bike. You should take out travel insurance to cover you against delay, lost baggage, medical expenses or loss of deposit.

  19. Can I extend my tour?

    Quite often it’s possible to extend your tour over the regular itinerary. Please contact us if you have such a request

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