NORTHER NAMIBIA / KAOKOLAND April 2017 – Trip report

December 20, 2016 Comments (0) Extreme Tours- Experienced riders only


To celebrate the end of 2016 WildWood went back to their roots with a tough 3 day adventure into the Swartberg Mountains of the Western Cape. The plan was tough long days in the rugged Karoo semi desert and tough and challenging it turned out to be. Temperatures in the high 30 degrees C and unexpected fires raging in the mountains added to the challenge.

Feedback has been overwhelming and this route will definitely be added to the calendar for 2017. It’s a must for the more adventurous dual-sport riders and really only suitable for the lighter single cylinder machines and perhaps the extreme bigger bike riders. xpwkshqbqvqdni5detlasw_thumb_4473 wjow4dcgtywpl6uyz6h7aq_thumb_4490 u2w46lhlrqkomystql524w_thumb_4482 th302kwxrbmzbyy6n0zpa_thumb_44b1 tbccugbvtemyhaiom3qxrg_thumb_4444 siyftbbcqx6lfgkdg4ymlq_thumb_44b2 sg8xb2qrtwgmdcjmhp0vqq_thumb_4489 oueg6i7otuuoho75i1oz5a_thumb_4471 of6tagmvstgmirbfgpre9a_thumb_447e o1r3mmet7qirzaf2cq2fw_thumb_4495 fhqzdkrktwmjbcculempfa_thumb_4485 dvw6nt2szsonqhfchpeza_thumb_445f 5tn4ifvtfog39nlnx3pla_thumb_441f 5fh0x3xjrxwuqsxkod8arq_thumb_4486

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